New Horizons

While working as Strategic Design Director for Cogniance we engaged with a world leader in Call Center Support looking for new business opportunities. We managed to move them from idea to action over a very short timeline of three months.

Working with the leadership team from a strategic level, while focusing on the end customer impact we deconstructed all inherent tools of their business, opening up for new products, services and business models. Using tools from the world of Design Thinking and User Experience Design, we worked to translate between departments and expand the horizon. The new focus did not only align and invigorate the C-level participants, but ended up also giving them a much needed common vocabulary.

We created three waves of company wide brainstorming sessions and detailed the resulting ideas into a set of 80 specific, actionable ideas. We narrowed them down to a suite of 28 new potential business opportunities, out of which 16 were deemed feasible and presented to top management. We ended up taking three concepts into a pixel-perfect prototyping loop to prove the business potential.