Timing innovation right (First published on medium, 2018)

My all-time favorite saying is a Chinese proverb. It goes: “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best is now.” Over the last 15 years, I’ve been supporting many companies from single person startups to global organizations with more than 100.000 employees. I’ve worked with industry leaders and top […]

Where do we go from here? (First published in TWELWE #3, 2017)

“One of the many things that gives you the feeling of being on top of the world, is the pleasure of being well dressed. Perfect taste is a criterium, and in hats, there’s nothing smarter than an Adam. From stern to stern, your Adam Hat gives off that look of quality. You see quality in […]

Welcome to the future (First printed in TWELVE, 2016)

The audience marveled at what they saw on the big screen in the AMC Theatre in New York. Strange technology from the far future: holographic 3D projections, TV-goggles, instant food, autonomous flying drones and even something as futuristic and exotic as a precise weather service. On this cold November night, history was written. The future […]

Change (Foreword, first published in TWELWE #2, 2016)

That’s what innovation is all about. Creating new markets, inventing new products and developing new experiences and universes around them. We need to change somethingto create innovation. We need to break the habits we have formed, find the courage to take new steps, convince our peers and inspire the people around us to follow. And […]

The Empathy Machine (First published online, 2016)

The thick ice feels solid under your feet as you look around. The ocean is glittering with the silvery glow of the sun low on the horizon. The air is clear and cold and the breath from your nose shows up as a thick streams of moist steam every time you exhale. It has been […]

21. Oktober, 2015. (First published on horizont.net, 2015)

Finally back in 1985, just a few hours after he left 1955, Marty McFly travels thirty years into the far future, to October 21st, 2015 to save his unborn kids from tearing his family apart. The plot might be hard to follow if you never saw the movie but, to keep it simple, the hit […]