The challenges of the world we live in are becoming increasingly complex. To solve them we need to reeducate ourselves. We need to learn new tools, think in new ways and reframe the barriers we encounter. As a well versed Design Thinking coach, creative innovator and strategic consultant I capitalize on a broad set of skills, leading people through a structured process towards transparency and transformation.

Developing and implementing best practices for corporate strategy, change management, digital transformation, design thinking and disruptive innovation, I have supported market leaders in their quest for clever solutions in a complex world – and made sure the final solutions actually made it to the market.


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Inspiration – Talks & Chat

Do you need to raise the energy and deliver inspiration before embarking on a new project, a pitch or new goals? Do you want to push the boundaries and challenge the status quo at an event?

Infusion – Workshops & Short Form

Stop talking. Start doing. Get all participants up to speed and off to a flying start with a 2, 4, 8 or 16 hour workshop. Learn new tools developed and tested by leading creatives and keep them for your own use.


Inclusion – Project Integration & Residencies

Go from idea to prototype with professional facilitation and world class input. For that very special pitch, new project or as a proof of concept that will bring your company onto the next level.

Implementation – Education & Deep Dives

Learn how to fish and get a fishing boat for free! A tailor made program to develop key employees into Innovation Professionals. Tools, processes, skills and culture all in one package.

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What my clients say

Through the workshop our people, across different industries, gained a new understanding of IoT and Industry 4.0. They learned a new process to use when implementing other new digital technology and brought the tools with them back home. 

Per is a very competent facilitator, with whom we would like to co-operate with again.

Henrik Valentin Jensen Senior Advisor @ Danish Industry Digital

We owe the honor of Dot to our dear colleague Per Juul Poulsen! In the initial stage, I bothered him a lot to get Dot idea started! He gave me an inspiration to focus the key proposition of Dot with “Touch it. Touch the world” !!! Thanks Per!

Julie Kang CEO & Managing Partner @ Serviceplan Korea

The workshop was great! We really enjoyed it, and it gave us a good perspective.

Gaurang Torvekar Co-Founder and CEO @ Indorse